Find your ring size

All of our rings are made to measure to our own bespoke, exacting sizes. We therefore provide our customers with our own ring sizer, either pre-order, or at the time of purchase. You will receive it within 2-3 days after placing your order.

To receive your sizer free of charge, order it at the time of purchase by ticking the box "No. Please send me my free Axiom ring sizer". Once you received the sizer and measured your size, please send us the required ring size, quoting your order number, to  

Alternatively, you can order your sizer prior to the ring purchase here. We will send you a promo code by e-mail which you can use it at the check-out when purchasing your ring to redeem the cost of the ring sizer.

Top tips for measuring your ring size

1. Measure just before you buy
Ring sizes change over time, so do not rely on a size taken in the past. We would recommend measuring no longer than 3 months in advance as it is unlikely your ring size will change during this period from excessive weight gain or loss. It also provides peace of mind, should you require any slight adjustments, as there is time to do it.
2. Right or Left Hand?
The thickness of our fingers vary from hand to hand, please measure ther ring size of the finger you are going to wear the ring on.
3. Measure twice
Be mindful that elements such as physical activity and changes in temperature can noticeably affect your ring size, therefore we suggest that you measure a few times during the course of a day, to ensure a consistent measurement is taken.
4. Not sure which size to choose?
If you are uncertain between two ring sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller measurement as increasing the size is easier than reducing it.
5. If you are pregnant
If you are expecting, order one size smaller. Water retention can occur during pregnancy and fingers can also be affected. Please note that yout ring size may change after pregnancy.